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The learning I derived from your workshop has indeed made a lot of difference to my life, my mind is stirred with new ideas

Fred Breganza
Enercon India, Daman

I really wonder how you are able to generate information continuously that has creativity. CS is very informative and interesting

Vizag Steel, Visakhapatnam

I look forward to your new version of CS. I enjoy reading it and its really useful

Bhadoria H S

It was a rich knowledgeable programme which I enjoyed well and learned a lot

Dr V K Tiwari

I have old issues of CS and when I go through it, I get new dimension of thinking

G L Ameta

thanks a lot do keep on sending new stuff of knowledge sharing, yours 2 days course was very interesting & language was very simple to understand and practice

Harish Iyer
Enercon India, Daman

I am very much thankful to you for your guidance and of the new ways in regard to creativity. Very little things, generally we do not think and make a boundary for ourselves. Endless thoughts, endless ways always says sky is the limit that I can understand now

Gautam Roy
Grasim Cement, Raipur

This is really surprising as we are not thinking like the example of Tata Indicom scheme. I am sure that this will really enhance my way of thinking from different direction and solving problem

Ranabrata Mondal
Enercon India, Daman

The name 'Creativity Sphere' caught my attention and urged me to read what was written. I really like what you've written. It's something we've known all along, however, it's good to be reminded again, once in a while. Please do continue sending your issues

Neha Pathak

After attending the training programme, I have started using my right brain. Often our top management used to send mails, urging employees not to send irrelevant mails / large attachments to avoid traffic jam on the server. Despite several warnings, the practice didn't stop. In this circumstance, I gave an idea to create a IP message among the concerned employees for exchange of small things so that traffic jam can be avoided. At present, all HR personnel have created IP message in whole group and problem is solved

Jayesh Modi
Micro Inks, Vapi

Since I attended your training session, believe me, it changed my perspective when I come across challenges at work and in my personal life.
Recently, I had an opportunity to notice a unique (in my view) a practice at of our customer's, a Japanese manufacturing company. All the packing material of the incoming products and other waste generated in-house are not scrapped but stored in a common area, called creative idea workshop. The cardboard, plastic containers, trays, tins, pipes, thermocol have been converted into stands, containers, display bords, storage units etc. In addition to cost reduction, it generates the employees to be creative which also results in a high employee motivation. The company does not look at it as a casual exercise but manages it with guidelines and monitors the results with recognition for the achievers

R Vinod Shankar
PRICOL, Coimbatore

I have gone thru each and every sentences of your Newsletter and found to be very interesting. CS gives me an insight about creativity in all spheres of our businesses and this can add value in my forthcoming presentations on Superior Customer Services. Keep the good work alive!

Zulfikar Mahmood
Kingdom of Bahrain

CS is simply a great newsletter. First time I have received this and want more and more issues of this. In fact I was looking for this kind of motivational booster. Thanks, for such a wonderful gift

Vivek Singh
GE Health Care

CS is a very good initiative by your good self

S Narang
Hi-Tech Carbon, Renukut

Always remembering some of your methods of Creativity and Problems Solving in my day to day life in my office as well as in my home. Also sharing the same with others. It was a fantastic programme

Micro Inks, Vapi

Definitely the issues of Creativity Sphere (CS) give me new dimension of thinking as well as acting. I hope that in future also I will enrich new ideas with the help of above

G L Ameta
J K Paper Mills, Kankroli

I am a staunch believer of the powers and capabilities of the human brain and would go all out to explore and understand and unleash my brain's miracles. Your workshop was very convincing and gave me lot of practical techniques for harnessing our brains. I am sure your articles would have much more of these techniques and eye-openers. I feel honoured to receive these reminders from you

S Jagannathan

Your advice given during the course you had administered in TIFAC to see things from prisms of 'purpose' and 'activity' make a lot of practical sense. I follow it whenever I am on the horns of dilemma

Dr Neeraj Saxena
New Delhi
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